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    Punk-, Garage and Noise-obsessed normal person™, coffee addict & music blogger from Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany.

    I'm also a moderate film nerd, most interested in independent, genre-, world- and arthouse cinema, both classic and contemporary.

    I'm the idiot in charge of a music blog &...
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    Lover of cinema and freelance film critic for https://timbouwhuis.nl/, Cine.nl, Filmmagie (until its unfortunate demise in 2020), indebioscoop.com (https://www.indebioscoop.com/tim-bouwhuis/). Until 2019: http://www.filmvandaag.nl/ (http://www.filmvandaag.nl/recensent/47-tim-bouwhuis) (Dutch).
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    "The World of Kanako" is one ruthless, merciless journey and, no doubt, a recommended one. Just make sure you're ready for the story it has to tell.
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