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  1. 3
    Academy Award Best Supporting Actor's icon

    Academy Award Best Supporting Actor

    Ranking #3
  2. 14
    Academy Award Supporting Actor Nominees's icon

    Academy Award Supporting Actor Nominees

    Ranking #14
  3. 29
    Academy Award Acting Winners's icon

    Academy Award Acting Winners

    Ranking #29
  4. 29
    3-Strip Technicolor Films 1932-1955's icon

    3-Strip Technicolor Films 1932-1955

    Ranking #29
  5. 46
    Historical box office (1932-1940)'s icon

    Historical box office (1932-1940)

    Ranking #46
  6. 58
    Walter Brennan Filmography's icon

    Walter Brennan Filmography

    Ranking #58
  7. 66
    Loretta Young Filmography's icon

    Loretta Young Filmography

    Ranking #66
  8. 108
    Every Film That Has Ever Won An Oscar's icon

    Every Film That Has Ever Won An Oscar

    Ranking #108
  9. 295
    All Oscar-Nominated Feature Films Ever's icon

    All Oscar-Nominated Feature Films Ever

    Ranking #295
  10. 372
    A Complete List of Academy Award Nominees's icon

    A Complete List of Academy Award Nominees

    Ranking #372
  11. 494
    Academy Awards for Acting Nominees's icon

    Academy Awards for Acting Nominees

    Ranking #494
  12. 1049
    Best Acting Nominees - Academy Awards's icon

    Best Acting Nominees - Academy Awards

    Ranking #1049
  13. 1363
    Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide.'s icon

    Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide.

    Ranking #1363
  14. 3117
    Film Fanatic Book Two (F-L)'s icon

    Film Fanatic Book Two (F-L)

    Ranking #3117
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