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Shingwauk's avatar


Couldn't watch it. No matter how I try most anime does nothing for me.
5 years 6 months ago
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Pretty good but there was way too much stuff going on for such a short movie.
8 years 1 month ago
CrumbThumber's avatar


i am sorry, i dont get it. this movie was dreadful. there was like a 5 minute scene of just some awful playing music. the plot was either too simplistic or too complicated depending on how you much you wanted to look into it.

also, the voice actors in the english version seemed bored with their own performances, there was absolutely no effort to show any type of emotion. i know that shouldnt be a knock on the original japanese film, but i couldn't stand it.
9 years 3 months ago
DaNiedabaya's avatar


Hardly made it through the movie. Found it to be just dreadful and boring.
10 years ago
jktomas's avatar


Did real people created this film, as in real human beings? Because it felt like it was made by some kind of cyborg or a computer programme. It really felt that way, and not only because some of the main characters were robots and talked about spirit as it is an object. Cold, mean-spirited, empty, emotionless... - the best words I can think of to describe this film.
While I was staring at blank anime faces and listening to bland, boring dialog the only thought I had in mind was "what's the point?".
It's the type of movies I don't like, but I kind of appreciate it, because I know that some people do find something in them, but I don't understand what. To me one honest human moment in a film is worth much more than a super complicated plot involving philosophy, politics, blahblahblah, blah... And I didn't find anything human in this film.
8 years 11 months ago
AtomicSquid's avatar


Holy exposition, Batman! Movie would be 10 minutes long if they stopped explaining everything. Show -- don't tell. Even with all the exposition I still didn't really get it or care to try.
9 years 6 months ago
lolita_mistrix's avatar


Terribly overrated...
10 years 7 months ago
kellyoung's avatar


AtomicSquid is absolutely right. A shameless, cringeworthy amount of exposition. The philosophical questions everyone is talking about aren't raised by the story, they are literally asked in the dialogue. Fantastic visuals but really weak writing.
5 years 9 months ago
Jneves7's avatar


Why is it in Doubling the canon and TSPDT?
6 years ago
Willhale's avatar


I have seen this movie a few times. Yes there is a lot of talking and not enough action but there is a really great story to be told and a lot to learn from this movie. Give it a chance.
9 years 11 months ago
dioni's avatar


I did not get this movie..
9 years 8 months ago
satisfythecrave's avatar


I can’t wait to rewatch.

Ah, yes - what makes us human, not just sentient, is the control of our memories.
1 year 7 months ago
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I remember when Ghost in the Shell came out in 1995, it was sold as the next Akira. I didn't see it then because I'd also heard I shouldn't believe the hype. Real late to the party here, but I think both statements are true. On the one hand, it has that level of technical mastery, though laden with primitive CG animation (still turns out well), and while people always praise the animation on these things, I want to give a shout-out to the background artists because that stuff is just as amazing. There's also some great sound design. And like Akira, the story can be a bit obtuse. That's where the hype stops being true. I find the philosophysing on the nature of identity delivered in the most boring terms and tones imaginable. The story just stops so characters can deliver speeches. No, not speeches, TEXT. Don't get me wrong. It understands that cyberpunk has an important existential component. I just wish it were less on the nose about discussing that angst, as the visuals tell a better story than the dialog does.
1 year 8 months ago
Pallium Invisibilitatem's avatar

Pallium Invisibilitatem

Quite intruiging movie I must say...have to see the second part to get it
8 years 4 months ago
brigittesniper's avatar


Just seemed like an excuse to have lots of naked lady robots. Obviously trying to put across an interesting philosophical argument, but it was too incoherent and it wasn't explained properly.
9 years 8 months ago

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