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118 min.
Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
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4.8% (1:21)
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  1. Agrimorfee's avatar


    I was fortunate to see a preview in Chicago (nice nods to our Cubbies). Blows the previous remakes from Dino De Laurentis and Peter Jackson out of the water with action and emotion, just enough silliness yet still epic without becoming a pretentious bore. Samuel L. Jackson as badass as you want him to be; John C. Reilly is a funny but affecting knucklehead. This is a popcorn movie of the highest order, it should have been released for the summer of 2017, not this coming spring. 2 weeks 4 days ago
  2. Siskoid's avatar


    Kong: Skull Island was a hi-octane crazy delight that just proves Gareth Edwards' Godzilla flick - the first film in this same shared universe - was too timid. Skull Island better embraces the cheesy and/or ridiculous aspects of a giant monster film and just has FUN with them. It doesn't hold back on showing the monster(s). It doesn't shrink from making Kong a monstrous ape-man that looks like the model from the original film (as opposed to the giant gorilla of Peter Jackson's remake). It doesn't repeat the story beats of the original, and yet pays tribute to them visually. It uses the end of the Vietnam war as motivation for the characters, metaphorical background (and incomprehensible enemy in the jungle), and a couple of big puns if you think about it (Gorilla warfare or Viet Kong, you choose). And it's visually impressive. Now granted, most of the human characters aren't very well developed, especially those that might continue with the franchise, but by casting recognizable actors who bring baggage with them, the film avoids Godzilla's similar failing, where its less well-known actor just comes across as generic and boring. But Brie Larson's empathy comes through those giant eyes of hers. Casting sometimes goes a long way. Anyway, aren't you there for the giant monsters?! On that front, Skull Island definitely delivers. I was smiling all the way through. 1 week ago
  3. GiuliA9's avatar


    Great visual effects. Lots of action. Funny mostly because of John C Reilly.
    it also has some weird holes, like Tom Hiddleston's character. He pulls up samurai sword skills out of nowhere...But I guess its not important in this kind of movie.
    2 weeks 2 days ago
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