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Assuming there are some people that enter this page to get an idea what to expect of a movie, that there are no comments yet, and that the movie's in 9 lists with an 7.7 score in IMDb, I guess I'll say something about it.

This movie is weird. Your expectations based on the title and the first minutes get crashed almost immediately when the unexpected takes place. The following two hours are an argumental development of what happened at first, so you don't have a three-acts narrative, nor a non-linear, nor a five- acts. More than anything, it's just "unorderly" but linear, even though every segment can be followed without making unnecessary efforts just for aesthetics sake.

I've been reading some reviews in IMDb and one guy compares it with Kafka, Citizen Kane, or Annie Hall. Oddly enough, if there's a movie I thought about in order to give an idea on how the movie it's carried on, it was Orson Welle's The Trial.

Finally, I really appreciate that the director is capable of making a political statement without being sorry for that or making them obscure. The movie is explicit in that department, and that's good.
5 years 2 months ago
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