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A Page of Madness
70 min.
Teinosuke Kinugasa
Drama, Horror
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12.1% (1:8)
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  1. Book of Sand's avatar

    Book of Sand

    Don't worry about the Japanese only; it's silent with no intertitles. It does help to read a bit about it before you watch it though to clarify the plot. Here, for example: 8 years 3 months ago
  2. Siskoid's avatar


    Without the live narrator silent Japanese cinema traditionally used, A Page of Madness is a little difficult to follow, especially the meaning of certain flashbacks. Let's just say I read the synopsis on Wikipedia afterwards and found Teinosuke Kinugasa's early film was a lot deeper than I realized at first viewing. Set in an insane asylum, it is the story of a man who gets a job there to break his wife out, but he may find though the institution is a terrible place, the outside may not be the place for her. The reason for her madness, is hinted at and seems much more awful than the film's synopsis would have it, but you can't trust anything you see. Not only are we often in the inmates' head space, but the third act is made of the man's visions, several alternate takes on what he might do to get her out. A disjointed fever dream, Kinugasa uses editing and camera tricks to create bizarre effects - I really don't think it gets any better than the opening rainstorm sequence, personally - that film makers today could do worse than study and steal from. I saw it on TCM with a pretty great soundtrack too. And intended story be damned, the fact this exists as visuals alone (no interstitial text) means you can lay your own interpretations on it, so if I kind of like some of my own more than Kinusaga's, well, it's part of the experience. 2 months ago
  3. samoan's avatar


    I don't really get the movie. Surrealistic films are just not my genre, notice that I dislike more than I like and when silent with no text to follow the plot closer, even less interesting. Not to say it was all bad, there some really nice visuals uesd and the portrayal of madness through dance and imagery was neat. So I did enjoy parts of it but it could keep my interested or vested all the way through. I will need to read through the link that Book Of Sand provided to understand the plot more. 2 years 8 months ago
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