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The Girl from Carthage
17 min.
Albert Samama Chikly
Romance, Short
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    Translation of the intertitles:

    0:08: The Carthage Girl
    0:18: This film of great authenticity was shot partly in the palace and gardens of the MARSA, official residence of S.A. SIDI MOHAMED EL HABIB PACHA, Bey of Tunis, with his special permission and his kind assistance.
    1:16: Sidi Bou Saïd, Arab village, one of the suburbs of Carthage.
    2:31: How happy you look Aïn-el-Ghezal.
    2:57: Aïn-el-Ghezal, daughter of the Caid, chief of the country.
    3:35: Her father, Bou Hanifa.
    3:51: Saada, son of the Sheik of the region, an authoritarian and brutal being.
    4:10: Taleb, muezzin and teacher.
    4:19: It was time for the prayer "Moghreb".
    5:14: The great Marabout "Fredj" goes to the call of the Muezzim.
    5:26: The faithful enter to do their prayers.
    5:56: Very modern Koranic School is done outdoors.
    6:09: Ain-el-Ghezal secretly felt for Taleb, the village teacher, a tender and sincere love.
    7:02: Taleb was not insensitive to the charms of Ain-el-Ghezal.
    8:03: Aïn-el-Ghezal waited like every day for the passage of the chosen one of her heart, but ... that day; she met Saada who noticed her …
    8:37: Saada having noticed the beauty of Ain-el-Ghezal had resolved to make her his wife.
    9:05: Ain-el-Ghezal goes to the "Degaza" (fortune-teller) to know her destiny.
    9:26: "You want to know your oracle, that the will of Allah be made ... throw these grains and stones on this sieve, and you will know ..."
    9:53: You will marry a rich felah.
    10:16: "You will have the most beautiful jewels ..."
    10:50: Ain-el-Ghezal is apprehensive every time she meets Saada and remembers the witch's words.
    11:38: Saada goes to the home of Caid Bou Hanifa.
    12:24: "To what happy event do I have the honor of your visit !!"
    12:46: "I noticed your lovely daughter Ain-el-Ghezal."
    13:01: "and come to ask for her hand ..."
    13:28: To get Bou Hanifa to give him his daughter, Saada offers him twice as much money as it is customary to give.
    13:54: Meanwhile the fate of Ain-el-Ghezal is decided …
    14:06: "20,000 dollars."
    14:37: And without caring what Ain-el-Ghezal might think, the marriage was decided.
    15:12: Saada returns to his palace with the promise of the Father.
    16:53: Saada, son of the Sheik, has asked you in marriage. It's a perfect match for you. You'll marry him at the next moon.
    3 years 12 months ago
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    You know, I'd like to say that a film like this automatically should be interesting as a historic piece to show what the Koran school looked like 100 years ago, but .. chances are it didn't even change a lot until today! 9 months 2 weeks ago
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