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    Gilles Debil

    Kiarostami, Bergman, Dreyer, Chaplin, Teshigahara, Bresson, Svankmajer, Haneke, Varda, de Sica, Kore-eda, Maddin, Dardenne, Imamura, Chang Dong-Lee, Sang-Soo Hong, Ceylan, and so on and so on
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    Gullu, Cata, Consigliere, and 15 others linuscaldwell75, tugces, TheBunk, Smoover, diturriaga, ignaciagonzalez, beforethebeehive, -m-v-, hannahlucyr, thetramp, theloca95, Lidvin, projectmayhem, Squareeyes and gautsvo checked this movie 4 months 1 week ago
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    I am a 23 year old movie enthusiast!

    image image ...
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    kjdoree, Gordon_Gekko, ppilkington1, and 10 others Sairentu, Rotwang, IlPara, misterplissken, louiseph, conan79124, Worzel, tristanb, Jnunes1984 and Pied Piper of Cinema checked this movie 5 months 1 week ago
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    (Quick writerly log roll: catch "In Plainview" on Amazon Prime or via Apple TV+).
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    I hate people who discuss superhero movies at parties. Also, I hate parties.

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    Twitter: https://twitter.com/slylingual24
    In film school: a short story about an aspiring director - me.

    Favorite Directors:
    - Billy Wilder
    - Quinton Tarantino
    - Leos Carax
    - Steven Soderbergh
    - Dennis Villenueve
    - Oliver Assayas
    - Alfred Hitchcock
    - Nicolas Winding Refn
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