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    Part of the oddness of Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky is that in the original Chinese (included the subtitles), the lead isn't called Ricky; that's the character's name in the original Japanese manga, which explains the rest of the oddness, perhaps. The level of ultra-violence (this is a world where a punch can easily go through a human body), the empty locations (a prison that often seems empty, to match the white backgrounds of the comics), and it generally feeling more like superhero action than it does Hong Kong wuxia (even if it borrows liberally from that tradition). There's a certain frisson is reading the exposition card, which tells us that by 2001, prisons have been privatized - don't we know it! - though from there we find out that they're being run by criminal empires, using slave (incarcerated) labor (again, prescient) to produce opium (the buck stops there, but I really couldn't say for sure). "Ricky" quickly becomes a defender of the abused convicts and singularly motivated to destroy everything the prison has built. And he's got the super-powers to make it happen, though the bad guys have a lot of powered fighters too. The movie is plainly bonkers (and outrageously gory), which is what makes its reputation despite its low budget and exploitation vibe. I'm perhaps not as enthusiastic as others - there's better made and acted HK cinema out there, and the broad comedy hurts it - but it's full of moments you're never going to see anywhere else and therefore deserves one's attention.
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