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    I'm 36 years old.
    All my favorite movies are rated with 9 and 10 (not include shorts).
    All my dislikes movies are rated with 1 (not include shorts).

    My IMDb profile
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    few visible scars

    I live in the north of England.. for those of you who know the area, I'm right on the edge of the Lake District National park, in a small town called Cockermouth. Perhaps best known as the birth place of William Wordsworth.. but also of Fletcher Christian.
    I am quite new (in 2014) to this...
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    Hej med dig, my name is Emil!

    I'm a big fan of murder mysteries and (on the other end of the spectrum) wholesome, feel-good movies! Se7en and Forrest Gump being two examples.

    Sci-fi is also a favorite genre, but only because I'm so obsessed with the architecture and designs of cyberpunk...
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    image image
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    Film critic
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