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110 min.
Steven Soderbergh
Drama, Comedy
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2.1% (1:47)
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    I like this movie quite a bit. No, I don't care for Channing Tatum nor did I really pay attention to the male stripping parts. What made me like this movie is how it portrays partying as a lifestyle and how bad it can make good people feel about themselves. Basically, an obviously intelligent man is having to do crappy jobs (like building roofs and stripping) when he has so many skills in other areas, but he's trapped. Whether it's the hedonistic lifestyle or his situation or his fear of who he really is. No, it's not Boogie Nights (but nothing is), but I actually liked the sounded like real conversations and arguments I've heard at parties I've gone to. 8 years 5 months ago
  2. Siskoid's avatar


    From the marketing of it, Magic Mike was not a film for me. What I kept forgetting was that this was a Steven Soderbergh picture, and I've nearly seen them all. So for what looks like a beefcake vehicle for Channing Tatum, is actually an indie character portrait using, as Soderbergh now almost exclusively does, a performer's real life and talents. When he worked with Tatum on Haywire, he found out the actor had once been a male stripper, and immediately wanted to work with him on a film that portrayed that life, and insured its truth. So we get a window into a life filled with ups and downs, punctuated by entertaining and very athletic dance numbers, shot with a rather objective lens. The individual viewer can decide if male stripping is glamorized or criticized; what we really have are characters who enjoy it, or want something more. It's got another fun, crazy performance by Matthew McConaughey too. The picture's big flaw is Cody Horn as a love interest/concerned sister. While Tatum's own acting is under-stated to say the least, she's a big ol' eyesore, expressionless and unengaging, or worse, false. In a film that strives for verisimilitude, that's a big problem, but not enough to prevent a recommendation. 6 years 6 months ago
  3. Micaescalada's avatar


    to watch when you are drunk with tour friends 6 years 10 months ago
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