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The last film John Dillinger saw before he was gunned down.
5 years 1 month ago
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2 months 3 weeks ago
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In the generically-titled Manhattan Melodrama, Myrna Loy is at the center of a love triangle with her two most famous leading men - Clark Gable, who I generally have no use for, and William Powell (BEST!) - two orphans who grew up together after a boat accident took their parents. Following their natures, one of them became the a district attorney and the straightest of arrows, the other a hoodlum always involved in some racket or other. It never hurt their friendship. To say that it is tested in this story would be incorrect. The dilemmas are elsewhere, and even though on the page they might rise to the status of melodrama, in a Dickens sort of way, the film lacks focus. When we're with Gable, it feels like a film noir. When we're with Powell, it's a breezy and witty comedy. Nothing much comes from either as we head into courtroom and political drama instead. I kind of like the idea that Loy's character would have problems with each man's very nature, opposites though they are, but the script doesn't really carry through on its promises. I'm not sure they knew what kind of film they were making, and in the end, it's rather like the boxing match within the film, it leaves one unsatisfied.
11 months ago
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Clark Gable, William Powell and MYRNA LOY in a gangster film, what more can you ask for?
8 years 4 months ago
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