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136 min.
Noah Baumbach
Drama, Comedy
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9.1% (1:11)
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    AKA the second great Netflix film

    I sometimes am baffled by Noah Baumbach. He seems to fluctuate between mini-masterpieces like Frances Ha and messy quirk-fests. This is in the former category, but without the mini (you lose the mini tag when you go over 120 minutes).

    Possibly his very best film. On one hand it’s a devastating, venomous film about a divorce. When the voices are raised, they’re raised HARD. Littered with moments of heartbreak and hopelessness.

    But it’s a more complex film than simply a grim-fest. There’s a core compassion for the characters - and Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver are both god-tier - that really means there’s no ‘sides’ to be had. This pair care for each other and their son, and there are flashes of genuine affection that undercut the nastiness. It’s about privileged people locked in a battle that costs absurd amounts of money, but doesn’t feel as elitist or tone deaf as a Woody Allen film or even some of Baumbach’s own films. And then it’s often really, laugh out loud funny - including a bit with a knife that’s just too good.

    Shout out to Ireland’s own Robbie Ryan behind the camera - in particular for the way he uses the physical space between the characters to underline important dramatic moments. There’s also these lovely editing flourishes - sometimes a mere second or two unusual shot choice that perfectly punctuates a particular emotion.
    1 month ago
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