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While not terrible, im glad i didnt pay for it. It has laughable moments and worth a lazy sunday if you need something to turn your brain off and watch
2 years 8 months ago
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It seems I'm alone in this, but I haven't had a laugh like this in a long while. Really enjoyable little flick.
2 years 8 months ago
Tashimoto's avatar


Should be renamed to
"Mike and Dave need to grow some brains."
2 years 9 months ago
allisoncm's avatar


HBO NOW (streaming)
1 year 9 months ago
vendetta's avatar


you can skip this if u r not on high.....
1 year 10 months ago
Slylingual24's avatar


Efron and Kendrick stand out while everything else is pretty mehh. And I have no idea which direction Aubrey Plaza was trying to go in with her accent; truely confusing. The outtakes at the end are the overall high point.
2 years 5 months ago
PeterEQR's avatar


A fun summer comedy. Dirty but forgettable.
2 years 9 months ago
affie's avatar


Afron was awesome, again. Story was fucking great. I'm was high while watching it though. Anne Kendrick got better after the first half. Hilarious situations and some good one liners.
1 year 11 months ago
Agrimorfee's avatar


Raunchy fun, this year's "Bridemaids".
2 years 10 months ago
Runelade's avatar


The movie where Zac Efron once and for all gave up on his career.

This film is so horrible miserable that it is quite embarrassing. Zac Efron has this year starred in two of the worst comedies (Dirty Granpa and now this) and should really think about his latest film choice if he wants to be a actor who is taken seriously.

There is nothing in the film that work and the guy who plays Mike, Adam something is completely stupid to look at. He yells and screams and there are several scenes where he just stands and spits.

All involved must feel shame when they saw the results
2 years 8 months ago
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