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Brilliant and mind-blowing.
10 years 3 months ago
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This movie is like drinking a color palette.
4 years 5 months ago
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Jesus Christ

Damn, seriously, can't give under 10 out of 10 for this master piece.
9 years 3 months ago
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Lives up to its name. Weird, funny and engaging. An anime classic.
3 years 8 months ago
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This is freaking awesome stuff!
Just like MaxS said, you'll either love it or hate it.
10 years 6 months ago
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10 years 6 months ago
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Out of mind! a delirious masterpiece. Deeply as sky,hell and life.
5 years 4 months ago
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8 years 7 months ago
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Most expensive film I've ever bought. Worth it.
9 years 9 months ago
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Mind Game... well, wow. Masaaki Yuasa's boisterously experimental anime doesn't shy from anything. He integrates different animation styles - realistic, expressionistic, photo montage, digital, whatever - and the story itself is impossible to predict. What if you died in violent circumstances and you chose not to go into the light and instead return to Earth? What if that gave you a second chance and a boldness you never had before? What if it turned into a kind of quantum field purgatory? Is it really out of God's hands, or is it part of His game in the afterlife? What if your life flashed before your eyes, but it was the life you could have had, should have had, didn't have? Questions racing through my head as I watched this or thought about it later, mingled with some truly insane visuals and tonal shifts. The ending is elliptical, but also poignant, and the climax has a touch of something Masaaki Yuasa would return to in the equally brilliant (if less surreal) Ride Your Wave. One to watch again and again because it's so rich in detail.
5 months ago
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If mind-blowing means giving you a headache, then yes.

The randomness and the animation is quite similar to the Wario Ware games. So if you like this, make sure to check them out some time.
8 years 7 months ago
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Not sure what the fuss is about exactly. It's not a bad movie but it's nothing extraordinary really.
9 years 3 months ago
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I would like to buy this film, not Harsh Realm : The Ultimate Mind Game - The Complete Series!
10 years 5 months ago
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