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I love this show! My favourite character is Nathan I love the things that he comes out with he's hilarious. The script is funny the story line is good even though it can get a bit silly.
"There's only one thing young ladies should be inserting in themselves... and that's knowledge."
4 years 3 months ago
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I would rather watch this than any shows that MTV has
8 years 6 months ago
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Season 1: It took a couple of episodes for Misfits to convince me, I have to admit. Though all the episodes have a sort of rock'n'roll aesthetic, the first ep has some rather extreme shaky-cam, frame rate thing going that kind of made me nauseous. The Brit-TV series features a gang of troubled kids doing community service together when a strange storm gives them (and many others in the area) super-powers. It's Heroes, sure, but with a delinquent, irreverent edge, and at 6 episodes, none of the slow pacing problems of its older American cousin. They give Buffy as a reference on the DVD cover, but really, it gave off more of a Being Human vibe. At turns making me laugh out loud, or feel severe apprehension, Misfits manages to remain true to its flawed characters while also endearing them to us. In this first season, the kids bond over a shared tragedy, which keeps coming back to haunt them. My favorite episode so far: The one in which Curtis rewinds time back to the night he ruined his life and that of his girlfriend through a coke deal gone wrong. I'm a sucker for time travel stories, and this is a good one.

Season 2: In Season 2, Misfits shows it's not afraid to fool around with its status quo. After all, they've got to finish their community service SOMEtime. But that's not all that's going on. As if a riff from Heroes, there's someone from the future who's come to save their lives and make sure everything goes as planned. And in the Christmas special includes as a 7th episode, there are more drastic measures taken to make sure the characters aren't right back where they started by the start of Season 3. Despite the drama, this is the season that made me laugh the most. Or maybe I just keyed into Nathan's sense of humor. Dude's hilarious in the most disgusting way.

Season 3: I'd been told Misfits got much weaker after the second season. I'm happy to report I found Season 3 quite enjoyable. The loss of Nathan in between seasons is felt early on (his Vegas webisode really should have been put up first rather than in the extras at the end), with the new character Rudy providing the lewd humor Misfits is known for without as much of the charm (he still somehow grows on you). By the end of the season, we'll have said goodbye to a couple more of the original characters, and in fact, there's enough of closure to the last episode that it could act as a series finale, no need to check out who else joins the cast for Seasons 4 and 5. The kids get all new powers, but the focus isn't so much on these as it was in earlier stories (except maybe Curtis' new power, because it's more about exploring character than about fancy effects). The time travel/Nazi Britain episode, in any other genre show, would probably herald our reaching the bottom of the barrel, except that it's actually an important game-changer, and for Kelly's line in the teaser.

Season 4: Misfits' fourth season is easily the weakest of the entire series, finally doing away with what was left of the original cast (not at all satisfyingly), and finalizing the ensemble that will take us to the end. On the edge of that knife, it's hard to remember a time when any of the super-powered truants on community service on the show were sympathetic, as the ones we know aren't vert likable, and the ones we don't have yet to find a place in our hearts. To make matters duller, most of the stories don't really center around powers, to the point where near the end, one character wonders why they couldn't use their powers to get out of trouble, and it's like this big epiphany. Of course, by this point, the powers aren't very interesting. I still found it watchable, mind you. The characters start to grow on you over time - the new probation worker is pretty funny - and if you like shock comedy, I can't say the show's lost its tone. Only its groove.

Season 5: Misfits Series 5 is a return to form, in my opinion, with stronger subplots, a greater focus on super-powers in the real world, and characters that yes, now feel sympathetic. There's a bit of having your cake and eating too with the ending, but it's not an unpleasant cop-out, managing comedy and triumph as well as tragedy and emotional closure. The raunchy laughs are ensured by making powers sexual in nature, which is not new for Misfits, but the idea really goes the distance here. And for those waiting for it, they address what it might be to become legitimate superheroes in this universe, as a prophecy hints there will be. As usual, expect the tropes to be taken down savagely, but it does provide the cool super action we were denied in the previous season. The show may have lost itself along with its original cast, but it finds itself in the end.
2 years 4 months ago
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Really enjoyed this series except for that Nazi episode, they didn't think that one through very well.
3 years 10 months ago
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