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130 min.
Jeff Nichols
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7.0% (1:14)
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  1. TheMrNickolas's avatar


    [Spoiler Warning]
    A great character developing story, about a boy named Ellis and his friend Neckbone trying to help a man nick named 'Mud'.
    But the film was really about Ellis trying to find out what love is and if it can last. Ellis has three influences of love in his life, his parents who split up near the begining of the film (shattering Ellis's view of love). The second is May Pearl, who shows interest in Ellis, but eventually ignores and even mocks him because of his age. The third and final influence is Mud and his undying love for Juniper (Mud's girlfriend).
    When Mud decides he can't love Juniper any more, Ellis breaks down, as it was his last piece of evidence that love can last, this is shown when he is crying and shouting at Mud.
    However it isn't all bad as Ellis begins to see that there are different types of love (as the parents love for their child) and that there is always the possibility for new love, as shown at the end by the girls waving at Ellis.

    Overall this was a very enjoyable and heart felt movie with a lot of care and craftsmanship gone into the writing, directing and acting, leaving me with a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment after watching.
    7 years 2 months ago
  2. CSSCHNEIDER's avatar


    I cannot remember the last time I was this excited about a film. Jeff Nichol's crafts a one of the best films I've seen in years and it feels effortless. The script is one of the tightest and most intelligent I've seen put to screen in some time and the cast is outstanding.

    This film blends a thriller with a coming of age story and wraps it in a Southern Gothic flavor. There is humor to spare and an intensity to give the whole thing its needed weight. I cannot wait to watch it again.
    7 years 6 months ago
  3. Consigliere's avatar


    @TheMrNickolas [Spoiler alert]
    I can clearly see your view, but I found it to be about something else. Almost all of the characters seem to have something in common. Ellis' life is falling apart as his parents' relationship breaks, and at the end he has to leave his home. The old man, hunting for Mud, seems to be doing all he can for revenging his son. Neckbone is living with his uncle as he never knew his parents. Tom is the closest Mud ever come to a father, and at the end they are finally yet together. For me it is quite clear that it all sums up being about father and son. Ellis seems to see Mud as a possible new father figure as his old life collapses, and Mud's sort of living seems to be the only possible way of living like Ellis used to. Even the "bad" character (the old man revenging his son) is given sympathy at the end when he gets the call that his second son is dead.

    I'm not saying that your point is wrong, as I clearly think that what you are saying is a legit theme. It is just so wonderful how filled with themes this movie is, and how we all seems to see our own things.
    7 years ago
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