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Sometimes foreign comedies have something lost in translation, but this had me laughing at loud at certain parts. Love me some Almodovar!
8 years 6 months ago
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Miss Jitterbug

Not my favorite Almodovar film but I liked it, especially the ending :-)
8 years ago
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y tu a cuantos hombres has tenido que olvidar?

Fantastic movie! I enjoy every minute :)
9 years 11 months ago
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Bolero Tenebris

Highly regarded as Pedro's best of his early stuff - it didn't grab me as some of the overlooked ones from that period such as ''Matador'' and especially ''Tacones lejanos/High Heels'' , but it has enough quirkiness and visual attraction to keep attention. Almodovar really knows how to draw the viewer into his world and tends to pull the best out of his actors.
3 years 7 months ago
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5 years 1 month ago
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Made Almodóvar an international star.

6 years 1 month ago
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