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8 min.
Abbas Kiarostami
Documentary, Short
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9.8% (1:10)
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    GT'd subs, here you go:
    You have very beautiful hair. Show me a little.
    They are magnificent. You bring them back in front?
    You know why he was called?
    You know?
    Because we have to shoot a little movie with you.
    You're going to be an actress.
    You know what he's talking about, this movie?
    It is the story of two little girls who are very close friends.
    One is like you, with very beautiful long hair.
    The other does not have very pretty hair.
    She's a little jealous of you.
    A little malicious, let's say.
    Because she's a bit jealous of your hair.
    That's the story.
    One fine day, this friend, a little jealous of your hair, comes to you and, while you are sleeping with firm fists, that you are in the land of dreams, she cuts you short hair, very short.
    And you find yourself without your beautiful hair.
    To make this film, we are obliged to cut your hair completely.
    My mom has me cut like hers.
    But if we, we want to cut your hair completely, almost shaved, for the film, would you agree?
    Would you like to cut your hair very, very short and find yourself without hair?
    I would not.
    I wish they were like that.
    Otherwise, like this.
    You see, we can also put them like that.
    But without hair at all it would be possible?
    Can you cut your hair completely?
    You will not have more, but it will grow back. You do not mind?
    Answer. ...
    Truly not?
    You do not want to become an actress, to be famous, to make the film.
    Yet your dad said you were delighted to make this film, that you were very happy to do so.
    Even if you cut your hair they will grow back.
    Tell me if it's yes or no. ...
    What if we changed the story?
    If it was your friend who had very beautiful hair and if it was you who were jealous of her in the film, and who was to go and cut her hair when she sleeps, would you do it for the movie?
    You take scissors, you go to her and while she sleeps, you cut her hair.
    How do I do it?
    So you take a pair of scissors and cut her hair down.
    So that she no longer has hair.
    And, at her awakening, she perceives that she no longer has long hair.
    They're all cut.
    But it would be for fake?
    No, for real.
    For the film, it must be for real.
    Would you?
    And will it tire me?
    No, because then, she will start crying...
    Would you?
    But will it tire me?
    But no, you're gonna cut her hair.
    Upon awakening, she perceives it.
    And she does what, in your opinion?
    She's crying.
    Would you do it?
    So, do not you cut them off?
    You want to cut your hair?
    Are you cutting them?
    Do not you want to cut your hair?
    I want to cut them off like my mother.
    Show me how.
    Reflect a little bit, for the film.
    So? It's no?
    Do not you want to cut it off?
    Answer me for good.
    3 years 3 months ago
  2. ViniciusOG's avatar

    ViniciusOG 7 years 6 months ago
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