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    For TV series I am on Followmy.tv

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    Sat In Your Lap

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    First Movie- Land Before Time. Favourite Kind- Sci Fi/Drama

    Add me on Letterboxd for reviews and lists - http://letterboxd.com/adamov10/
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    I'm a graduate of Boston University's College of Communication with a major in Film/Television. I am currently a video editor in Boston, MA.
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    Imagine if some crazy '50s producer had decided to make a "Leave It To Beaver" feature film ... only he hired Yasujiro Ozu to direct ... and insisted the film include both a commentary on television and a running fart joke ... and it WORKED! Ozu's taste for gentle family drama and "tatami mat" shooting angles give it a child's-eye view that perfectly matches the story, Minoru and Isamu are kid-level irresponsible without being brats (consistently adorable) and Ozu's muse Chishu Ryu is tone-perfect as usual as the gruff put-upon father. My new favorite from the master. 9/10
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    Movies that speak to me as an illustrator / graphic designer / generally-creative-folk:
    - Synecdoche New York
    - Adaptation.
    - Whiplash
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    1st movie: Jungle Book (Disney)
    Favorite Kinds: Classic - Noir; Westerns
    Favorite Movie: To Kill A Mockingbird
    Guilty Pleasure Movies: Bad John Wayne (Chisum, Big Jake)
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