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A remake of Lubitsch's The Marriage Circle.
1 week ago
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One Hour with You is a very silly marital comedy signed Ernst Lubitsch, with the great on-screen couple of Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald who always seem to have such fun together. As a musical, it has fun, bubbly songs, and indeed, has a lot of rhyming dialog not accompanied by music, which you don't see very often. I find that kind of thing pleasant to the ear, and it creates a heightened reality where, you know what, even if adultery is involved, all CAN be forgiven at the end, because nothing is serious. Not that there's necessarily BEEN adultery. We're pre-Code and there's certainly a lot of lust openly going around, the furthest it goes is kissing another man's wife and - shockingly! - walking around with one's tie undone. Chevalier isn't as amusingly cartoony as Lubitsch would later allow him (in The Merry Widow, for example), but he's still quite amusing. And I mean, who would seriously pick Mitzi over Jeanette? As a comedy, it tickles despite the slower beat and it's over before you know it, and hopefully before you want it to be.
2 years 2 months ago
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5 years 7 months ago
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Uncertain availability on Netflix; try Hulu Plus or KG.
7 years 8 months ago
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"An Adolph for a Mitzi." :)
9 years 2 months ago
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oh, that Mitzi!
6 years 9 months ago
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