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    I am a writer, editor, designer, and web producer. I love the Academy Awards, and Oscar research is my main hobby. My two favorite movies are Annie Hall and Little Children, and I think Federico Fellini is the greatest of all movie directors.
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    I like movies, so I thought perhaps I should check them.
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    Gilles Debil

    Kiarostami, Bergman, Dreyer, Chaplin, Teshigahara, Bresson, Svankmajer, Haneke, Varda, De Sica, Kore-eda, Maddin, Dardenne, Imamura, Dong-Lee, Soo-Hong, Ceylan, and so on and so on
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    Well, I'm the guy who programmed all this! Obviously I love movies, but I'm also really into music and football.
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    westerns, film noir, bogie & bacall
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