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Axel Fritzler

This 2020 was the perfect timing for a rom-com about being lonely and the need to share your life with someone else because everyday feels the same.
6 months 1 week ago
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Just when you think time loop comedies have already been repetitiously overdone (irony), this breath of fresh air comes along.
6 months 1 week ago
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Palm Springs is a perfectly pleasant time loop movie that distinguishes itself thanks to its stars - nobody needs to twist my arm to watch Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti or J.K. Simmons, and together they're great - and with a couple of twists on the formula. Chief among these is that they are trapped in the time loop together, which gives the film the chance to explore what it means to be facing eternity with someone else, and further what dynamic would be created if one of the people were responsible for giving the other that kind of immortality. It certainly sparks discussion, and not just of the metaphysical sort, as there are a couple of ambiguous moments that will have some spinning theories (which I think is usually a good thing for SF movies, though I'm not sure the paradoxes actually make sense if you look at them too hard). The important thing is whether it's funny - yes, it is - romantic - yes, that too - and has something to say about the human condition - in Simmons' character perhaps more than the others, but sure.
6 months ago
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What a surprising delight.
3 months ago
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Interesting to include other people in the time loop.

Would have been more interesting to see a truer flection of time. Made it look like it was a couple of months instead of 40 years.

Also should really have made the characters smarter about certain things as Andy is basically 80 in the movie :D
3 months ago
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@viccctor is such a nerd lol, because yes! When ya been stuck in a time loop for first 100 times thats exactly what you are thinking right? LET ME SUCK UP ALL THE KNOWLEDGE.

nerd. nerd. nerd.

good movie.
6 months 1 week ago
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