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Joker of Gotham

good movie, nothing special, a normal movie to watch at home on television as I did
I donĀ“t like Uma Thurman
6 years 5 months ago
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2 years 6 months ago
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I saw Paycheck almost 15 years ago, and remembered almost nothing from it, except that Affleck was in it and that he rode a motorbike. Almost like I was given the memory removal treatment myself. Did not bode well for a rewatch, especially considering how unvalued the movie is. John Woo does Philip K. Dick isn't the most obvious fit, and in fact, Wooisms always feel a little out of place in an American film, maybe because he's not allowed to go full style in them, I dunno. But I'm going to defend this one. Yes, it's often silly, but I can't like explosive squibs and random doves and slow-mo and quick zooms in Woo's Hong Kong films, and pan them when the same action takes place in a generic 5-minutes-in-the-future city played by Vancouver. I can't like Dick's stories and complain about the crazy science and thin characters. They're elements of each man's style, and I'm a fan of both. I like the idea of reverse engineer reverse-engineering the clues he's left himself after a three-year dose of amnesia. I like the tricks one might do if they had foreknowledge of the future but only the simplest of resources. And damn it, I like the ridiculous action set pieces. Very cool cast as well, several actors before they made it big. The epilogue is terribly cheesy though, I can't possibly give it a pass, but otherwise this is a lot better than I remembered (or as the case may be, didn't).
2 months 3 weeks ago
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So stupid...so many questions, so many plot holes.
5 years 12 months ago
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This was one stupid, fake and badly made film. God.
8 years 5 months ago
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