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A Fistful of Dollars' low budget can be seen in its worse-than-usual dub and ridiculous day-for-night, but it made stars out of Sergio Leone, Clint Eastwood, and Ennio Morricone. Rightly so. Leone manages to create a Wild West that is at once iconic and unique, using giant close-ups, violent action, and stark Spanish locations. Morricone's whistling score is the first of several that would become synonymous with the western. And Eastwood's poncho-wearing "Man with No Name" cuts a distinct figure and an ambiguous personality. In the first of a loose trilogy, he is a sort of trickster who plays two criminal factions against one another to make money, but also free a family enslaved by evil men. He's both selfish and altruistic, a con man and a gunfighter, a Coyote god and an arrogant man whose hubris will get him into trouble. There's something mythic about the story and the way it plays out, with strong action beats we haven't seen a hundred times. It's like Leone doesn't really know how thing are normally done, so his take remains fresh to this day.
3 years ago
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Get 3 coffins ready

My mistake, 4 coffins
10 years ago
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Hey guys, was it better than Yojimbo?
9 years 4 months ago
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George Bailey

Ended the trilogy on this one :) Great movie, and yes Yojimbo is better!
10 years 5 months ago
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Yes it's a complete ripoff of Yojimbo but discoreving these two back to back I must say that "Fistful of Dollars" is superior in a lot of way ! Faster pacing, spectacular directing, beautiful soundtrack, improved plot (yes it is !)
Yojimbo is still very good though !
2 years ago
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Having never seen Yojimbo and it being very unlikely I'll ever have the chance to, I can't comment on any similarities. That being said, I really love the film. The plot is tight and the story moves along at a great clip. The one pet peeve I have regarding spaghetti westerns is the extensive use of dubbing. It distracts me quite a bit but maybe one just needs to be exposed to it a lot in order to get over it. Looking forward to the other two movies in the trilogy.
4 years 4 months ago
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A pure copy of Kurosawa's Yôjinbô, but I'll still favorite it. Great movie with an amazing soundtrack.
8 years 10 months ago
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I knew it'd be similar to Yojimbo; didn't think it'd be that shameless about it.
9 years 7 months ago
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Yes. Yojimbo was a superior movie for sure.
10 years ago
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Joris B.

Unfortunately not as good as ''Yojimbo''.
10 years 11 months ago
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This prologue was added before the US network television premiere in 1975.

4 years 7 months ago
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Yojimbo is better - like, way better in almost every way. The "almost" is that at least Morricone's soundtrack is good.
7 years 1 month ago
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Big A2

Honestly, I think it's better than Yojimbo. I'll admit that the plot and characters aren't as fleshed out as they are in Yojimbo, but there's something about Leone's movie that grabs me more. It was faster, that's for sure.
9 years 9 months ago
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No wonder they got sued by ToHo. This is an utterly shameless ripoff of Yôjinbô, with a less likeable leading character and worse character development. I say ripoff, rather than remake, as it was made without permission almost immediately after Yôjinbô came out.

Although this is still a great film--it's hard to bomb when you're cut-and-pasting one of the all-time greats--Kurosawa is by far the better director, Mifune the better actor. If you're planning to see this, do youself a favor and watch Yôjinbô first. The framework of the story is present in Fistful, but much of the substance is lost.
7 years 10 months ago
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Opens with shooting people. The middle is filled with people getting killed. It ends with bloody murders. The acting is bad. Everyone is dubbed except Eastwood. What is there to like? I just don't get how this movie is so popular. I'm sure I'm missing something but whatever it is, I don't think I want to know it. I've seen this movie once; I will never see it again.
8 years 3 months ago
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