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Notes about this movie:
1- Epilepsy
2- Terribly inept parents
3- Looney Tunes Ghosts
4- Creepy Blonde Kid
5- Creepy Clown
6- Creepy Tree
7- More Epilepsy
8- Not Scary but Fun
10- Everybody expects the TV to turn on the whole time at the end.
5 years 7 months ago
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It has its moments but it's clearly more Spielberg than Hooper, for better or worse.
4 years 4 months ago
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I'm not sure Poltergeist knows what poltergeist are, but that's not my main gripe with the 1982 horror classic (great title, if anything). What bugs me is that it looks great, is well shot for creepiness, and its iconic status in pop culture can't be disputed, but frustratingly, I can't give it a favorable review. For one thing, it treats the supernatural in the same way Close Encounters treats UFOlogy (note Spielberg's hands on approach to producing this thing). The ghosts are essentially extra-dimensional aliens, and the epileptic strobing could be right out of an alien encounter movie (compare it to E.T., for example). Which is fine. Horror tropes reexamined through the lens of science-fiction. But after what normally would be the climax, there's an extra reel, and that one IS from a straight horror film. It was aliens from the beyond, and now it's Indian burial ground revenants, and who the heck knows anymore? It's a little like the idea that you'd call in a psychic investigator, and later, you'd call in ANOTHER psychic expert - isn't that really the same role? - who contradicts the first one, but not really... Was that all a manifestation of the struggle between director Tobe Hooper and his overlord?
1 week 5 days ago
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I'm certainly not an expert on cinematography, but even I noticed a fair number of flaws in the movie. Still, I can certainly see how it was great for its time and how it's become so iconic. It's definitely superior to many of the horror movies of recent years.
3 years 6 months ago
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no movies like this on these days, fucking awesome!
4 years 3 months ago
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God, I love this movie. Just when you think it's all over, s*** comes back in full force with some of the most iconic and classic horror movie moments of all time: the mom getting dragged across the ceiling, the clown coming to life, and the dead popping up out of the ground. Fabulous, fantastic film.
7 years 3 months ago
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5 years 3 months ago
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I can't believe I hadn't seen this til now. Loved everything about it.
6 years 10 months ago
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2 years 4 months ago
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This movie looks better than any of the ghost movies that have come out in the last 20 years. Especially compared to a CGI crapfest like The Haunting remake. Brilliantly written, acted and directed. This very well might be my favorite horror movie of all time.
8 years 8 months ago
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This freaked me out when I was a kid, pretty hardcore.
9 years ago
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Six lists? How....?
7 years 4 months ago
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Spielberg & Hooper

3 years 5 months ago
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It is a shame this movie was made in 1982
9 years 3 months ago
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