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Possessor (or now Possessor Uncut, with bonus sex and gore) is a bit of Black Mirror-type sf/horror by Brandon Cronenberg, a director genetically predisposed to give us some disturbing squish even if the story he's telling would normally fall more in the techno-thriller category. The film images an assassin that can "possess" other people, thus easily infiltrating a target's life and framing the eventual tragedy as a murder-suicide. But our girl Voss is starting to lose her grip and it would be saying too much to say why, but it's enough to say that Cronenberg Jr. plays a lot of mirror tricks between host and parasite as they struggle for dominance on this newest assignment. Visually, the film manifests the protagonist's disorientation with odd points of view, epilepsy-causing strobes, hallucinatory images, and shocking porn'n'violence. Thematically, it's true cyberpunk, exploring the plight of numb but frustrated wage slaves whose jobs ask them to sacrifice their personal lives, consuming them in the process and making life not worth living. Meanwhile, CEO monstrousness is an interchangeable constant and our catharsis over their murders is illusory.
3 months 2 weeks ago
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I couldn't get past how cruel it was.
1 month 1 week ago
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