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104 min.
Simon Rumley
Drama, Thriller
Rating *
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4.2% (1:24)
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  1. Jpit's avatar


    Rewatch. Good first act. Amanda Fuller's depressed, mess of a character and Noah Taylor with his appearance and demeanor, these two characters basically going to work and in her case, doing what she otherwise normally does, with her gradually warming to Taylor's character. It's everyday-like but with characters who have sadness and darkness in them, and the lack of music and other notable sounds is big in emphasizing it and in creating that certain atmosphere - quiet but looming, something like that. I can't explain it like I would want to. In any case I liked the first act with these two characters, and as often is the case, the build up is better than the payoff. Continuing the story with the twist and by bringing in the third character worked fine, but the finale falls short, as you just see three different scenes where Noah Taylor tortures people to death. Once Taylor's character knows what happened, the situation is not very interesting anymore, storytelling-wise, and especially once the character moves on from the family, nothing very interesting happens with the scenes either. Things get very straightforward. Having no bad guys was a positive. Noah Taylor's character, guy taking vengeance for his girlfriend, seems almost the worst of them, and I guess it's kind of cool that you can say that. You could say all three characters are decent people drawn to act irrationally after bad things happens to them, but still, I don't know if I quite bought the level of irrationality displayed by Marc Senter during his scenes alone with Amanda Fuller. Maybe the character really was that unstable, I mean that obviously was kind of the point, but it just seemed little too much, little too quickly. The piano score that you hear couple of times throughout the film, it fit the style. I mean it was alright, definitely not as bad as some people seem to think. 2 months ago
  2. ChrisReynolds's avatar


    Starts off slow and thoughtful, then turns brutal and compelling. The violence is really intense at times, and I liked the detailed characterisation that had sympathy with all of the different characters. It's deliberately alienating at times, with harsh editing and sound, but it is haunting and disturbing in a way I liked. 3 years 11 months ago
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