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Paul W.S. Anderson does his best to outdo Uwe Boll, and he succeeds brilliantly. This surely ranks among the very worst movies made in recent years.
In one word, trash!
10 years ago
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Worst i've seen of all the resident evil movies, except the previous one which I didn't finish because I fell asleep.
10 years 2 months ago
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Wow, haven't seen graphics this bad since a long time.
10 years 3 months ago
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I really liked this movie.
10 years 4 months ago
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My name long game

I'ts not a resident evil they haven't show any zombie ONLY action
10 years 4 months ago
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This is the best Resident Evil movie they have made so far (and the first movies were great too - that says a lot about this one). I was filled with joy when I watched this one! It has so many great elements from the games! Love it...
- Yes! I am a Resident Evil game fan and this movie rules!
9 years 11 months ago

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