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121 min.
Dexter Fletcher
Drama, Biography, Musical, Music
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5.4% (1:19)
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  1. Siskoid's avatar


    Everybody's comparing Rocketman to Bohemian Rhapsody, and for good reason. On the surface of it, they tell the same story and are even visually similar. There are two big differences however. One is of course that Rocketman is a musical, which enlivens the predictable narrative with numbers that are more about feeling than fact, makes the music seem that much more personal, and excuses timeline distortions putting certain songs in the wrong eras, etc. The other big difference is in the point it makes about its lead. Rhapsody was about the remaking of one's identity and leaving it there, made the film more generic - from person to fiction, and in that fiction we lose something. Rocketman also deals with this, but focuses more on the why. Elton John was starved for love, and the theme runs through his life, the moments the film chooses to show, and the music. So in the end, it's just a richer and more entertaining picture, not simply saved by the music. And yes, Taron Egerton is a rock god. The only thing the movie is really missing is Egerton interacting with himself on the set of Kingsman 2. 11 months 4 weeks ago
  2. frankqb's avatar


    The core story, while not new, and in fact quite cliché, works surprisingly well. There’s some lovely psychoanalytic moments, but only when there’s talking. The attempts and marrying the songs to meaningful analysis of events works only about 50% of the time. And the times that don’t work sometimes look like bad High School Musicals. Taron Eggerton is surprisingly excellent, as is Jamie Bell. Great performances.

    Nonetheless, despite it working better without some of the songs ironically enough, it’s a fun ride and there is a freshness to the honest and open way they subject of homosexuality is treated. Recommended, but not ravingly good.

    3.5 stars out of 5
    1 year ago
  3. Adrian B AWESOME's avatar

    Adrian B AWESOME

    Totally works for me, far better than Bohemian Rhapsody. Still suffers some story issues in the second and third act (HE'S ON DRUGS! HE'S PUSHING EVERYONE AWAY!) but it was still extremely entertaining. 12 months ago
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