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I thought it was lovely, cute and most importantly fun. All the pop culture references flowed well together with the humor throughout, which i have to say most films can't handle that without being too cringy and annoying. The easter eggs were like a homage to animation history and made me a bit nostalgic, while a new generation might not recognize some of it they can still enjoy it just as much. The animation was just perfect with all the goofy character movements and silly sound effects, i think this type of exaggerated features fits well here and it takes us back to how cartoons used to be. I loved little details like when the characters are inside an object in total darkness and you can only see their eyes, but only Velma's eyes are a bit opaque because of her glasses. Tiny things like that makes me appreciate the animation and all the effort they put in even more. I have to agree though that the story despite being good and just the standard for a kid's movie nowadays, it was overall too cliché, predictable and relied way too much on emotionally manipulative moments which were kinda unnecessary since none of these sad moments had any impact on the story anyways. But then again nothing is original and what matters most in movies like this, specially with this franchise, is the entertainment aspect which in my opinion they did it really well, or maybe I've been so bored in this quarantine i just got overly excited about a new animated movie and i'm now over scoring it a bit, either way, i had a good time.
1 week 3 days ago
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More than a few of the jokes i laughed at, but the story seemed forced and not very traditionally scooby doo. Even the live action movies had better character dynamics than this one. The animation was ok at best and weirdly robotic at worst (i mean from the non-robotic characters). Makes me wish for another James Gunn Scooby Doo movie or at least a full forced 2D animated Scooby movie. Still, nothing stood out as things to hate, just things that couldve been better. It was fun finding all the easter eggs to other Hannah-Barbara cartoons and i may rewatch just to find more.

1 week 4 days ago
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Boring, not funny at all. Waited for something traditional.
1 week 2 days ago
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