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thesexbobs's avatar


Probably one of my favorite films ever. Just too much fun for it not to be.
10 years 9 months ago
deepak1990's avatar


Just a fun film.
Average movie.
Good visual tricks
10 years 9 months ago
MrCarmady's avatar


It's amazing, better than any other movie on the 2010s list that I've seen (not many, I admit). Black Swan comes close, the rest, not really.
10 years 10 months ago
mrscriblam's avatar


wonderful visuals, lots of fun, haven't seen anything quite like it.

the dialogue bothered me a little bit, but it wasn't like avatar where it ruined the whole experience.

for me, it was like what i think avatar was for certain people.
11 years ago
SrFrenzy's avatar


Great combination, really i like this movie.
11 years 1 month ago
StigAnder's avatar


Had a few laughs and Knives was good, but overall too tedious for a revisit.
11 years 1 month ago
SrBrits's avatar


A very good movie. Still something was missing... don't know what. Impresive editing work.
11 years 1 month ago
Ameyu's avatar


I love this movie!
11 years 1 month ago
Videl's avatar


Than read the comics! Six volumes.
It really makes sense.. ;)
11 years 1 month ago
cubesofspinach's avatar


Why can't more movies be like this?
11 years 2 months ago
Sandun_KG's avatar


Liked the arcade look of the movie, it was different and i've always liked Cera's movies :)
11 years 2 months ago
NewBorn007's avatar


No doubt the best movie of the year.
11 years 4 months ago
Rohit's avatar


Fun screenplay. Average movie.
11 years 4 months ago
lanfearl's avatar


Zelda tunes were amazing. Movie's storyline was meager. Felt empty.
11 years 4 months ago
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11 years 5 months ago

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