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101 min.
Richard Donner
Drama, Comedy, Fantasy
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4.1% (1:24)
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  1. Siskoid's avatar


    Five years before Groundhog Day, Bill Murray basically plays the same kind of TV jerk transformed by a holiday, but it was a lot darker first time around. The critique of television is, for me, what's funniest. A lavish live performance of A Christmas Carol with the Solid Gold Dancers, mice to attract feline viewers (a growing demographic), and heart-stopping Fox News scare promos sits somewhere in the same space as Network and Max Headroom. Murray is just a little too edgy and unlikable at times, and his transformation is more due to mental breakdown than the appeal to his heart, but this world almost demands it. Those ghosts really do slap him around something fierce, and how could Bill stay sane in the face of that ghost of Christmas future and its rib cage filled with suffering souls? The final scene may, in fact, bring a tear to your eye as the true meaning of Christmas in inevitably invoked. 3 years 6 months ago
  2. sammysin's avatar


    Great Christmas movie.

    Bill Murray is superb.
    6 years ago
  3. GrooveRemote's avatar


    I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The best and most unique element it brings to the table in terms of Christmas Carol adaptations is the deft satire of the media. That earned some genuine laughs. (Is it funny to anyone else that a lesson of selflessness is taught by big, greedy studio?) Other than that, I didn't find it particularly funny. Bill Murray was both deplorable and honestly likable. His character shouldn't be charismatic in any way, based on the script, but he brings this energy that makes you not root for him, but for him to become a better person, and not die. Now, the story itself is so overdone that you can't help but get a little bored with it. Not helped by the bland love interest, and strongly clashing mushy, emotional elements. I loved the first ghost, and while I love Carol Kane, I was just confused by the second (somebody explain that motif to me, please). I also found the ending to be a stretch, in terms of logic. spoiler? No way, Jose. Anyway, a somewhat confused but still funny and enjoyable rehash. 1 year ago
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