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35 min.
Action, Drama, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
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5.2% (1:19)
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  1. Aeon Rio's avatar

    Aeon Rio

    I expected worse. 11 months ago
  2. EvilPrime98's avatar


    Not my cup of tea. Really hard to watch after the first 2 episodes. It was supposed to be a legal comedy, but I think they forgot the part about 'legal'. CGI could be better, but I can withstand it since it's a TV show. The ending is super 'meta' and actually really funny and interesting. A shame the rest of the series isnt. 6/10 at BEST. 11 months 2 weeks ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    As a comics reader who fondly remembers John Byrne's fourth-wall-breaking Sensational She-Hulk comic, I was hard-wired to enjoy the MCU's She-Hulk, Attorney-at-Law. Yes, the uncanny valley of the effects takes a little getting used to - She-Hulk is often a cartoon character - but I love Tatiana Maslany and for budget reasons, she has to be Jennifer Walters a good part of the time. This is unlike the comic, but I'm glad it's so. Now, new fans are going to look at this and think it's PG-rated Deadpool, but She-Hulk's "reality check" ability pre-dates Deadpool's (and was still already derivative of Ambush Bug's over at DC). All those Z-listers and morts (Daredevil excepted - and if Matt Murdock's new series at all uses the more fun-loving version of the character, I will applaud) are also part of Sensational's formula. But what sets it apart from the other MCU shows is that it's not a "story arc", but rather a character development arc. So episodes aren't strung together in a straight plot line, bur act more like comedy set pieces - the one where Jen goes to a wedding, the case of the polygamous immortal, the supervillain therapy circle, and so on. Sometimes the show feels like it's searching for its identity (but essentially, Ally McBeal with super-powers), it seems to introduce too many supporting characters, and it's more clever ha-ha than knee-slappingly funny, but it's fun and goes after exactly the people who were bound to go after it (and did, stupid meninists, you're so predictable they made a show about it). I'm all for more. 11 months 3 weeks ago
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