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Yeah, the twist is no twist at all (It's set in an asylum for heaven's sake), but I do like how Andrew chose his destiny at the very end. It was the right ending. And a great honking score.
12 years 10 months ago
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Expected a lot: a nice thriller/horror with a good storyline and excellent cast. However, the turn in the last half hour makes the movie something between a thriller and drama, in both not convincing. Good screenplay, good acting, but a dissapointing and farfetched plot.
13 years 1 month ago
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this was ok, I don't regret watching it.
but I found it very predictable after like an hour.
14 years ago
Avijeet's avatar


Simply Awesome
14 years 1 month ago
Halfang's avatar


Thought it was going to be rubbish. I was SO wrong.
14 years 2 months ago
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This was great! Even though a friend told me briefly what the twist was against my will, i didnt really see it coming!
14 years 3 months ago
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Nuked is incorrect. There are definitely predictable as fuck formulaic paint-by-numbers out there, by the dozen.
This however, is not one of them. It was a great thriller and kept you guessing as to what was reality all the way through.
1 year 9 months ago
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The storyline was pretty predictable.
But I thought the performances were good, and the cinematography was wonderful.
11 years 2 months ago
JosteinAsk's avatar


fine film, but far from the good ones by Scorsese
14 years 2 months ago
Troublenight's avatar


Scorsese is never wrong
14 years 2 months ago
tylerdurden's avatar


not scorsese worthy imho
14 years 4 months ago
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The actors and the cinematography is stunning. The story was kind of predictable. If I know there will be a twist, I always make predictions like "I think the twist will be...." and this time my prediction came true. It was the exact same ending I once saw in another movie called "Breaking Dawn" (not the twilight one).
10 years 6 months ago
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The cinematography was cold, almost alienating which undercuts emotional involvement. Still, its more about process, procedure and atmosphere. Great acting and a compelling screenplay but far from Scorcese's best work.
11 years 5 months ago
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Really? Did you see 'Gangs of New York'? Terrible film, though i do agree, Scorsese is usually brilliant.
14 years 2 months ago
stellaslove's avatar


Maybe i expected too much, cos i was a little disappointed. A good film, but some pretty dodgy moments acting-wise I would say. Worth seeing though.
14 years 2 months ago

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