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135 min.
Ron Howard
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4.5% (1:22)
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  1. Paravail's avatar


    A lot better than I expected. Rogue One played it too safe, and Last Jedi tried too hard to be different. This one struck a nice balance. This is a character driven story with relatively low stakes, and for the first time in any Star Wars movie, it feels like the omnipresent constraint of The Hero's Journey isn't there. Han is presented as a liar and a cheat and a scoundrel, and, no spoilers, he messes up quite a bit, and we get to see him learn the trade along the way. Most of the points you expect to be there are there: spoiler, but they're done in just a creative enough way as to be interesting. The few new characters are intriguing and the action scenes are quite effective. I, like many fans, went in expecting a disaster. Instead, we got a film that, in my opinion, is superior to both Rogue One and Last Jedi. 3 weeks 5 days ago
  2. DisneyStitch's avatar


    Rogue One had the ability to push the gauntlet because it knew it what it was. Solo doesn't really have that same freedom, and it feels like it was played safe rather than diving in head first.

    We finally get to see Corellia on the big screen, but it feels lackluster and that somehow leaks into the entire film. Alden does a decent job of portraying Han, but I think Donald Glover did a better than average job with Lando. He really shines.

    I have mixed feelings about the cameo at the end. It almost felt like it was shoehorned into the film as if they believed it would automatically make the film better. It seemed way out of left field and let's be honest, is nowhere near as seamless as the epic cameo at the end of Rogue One, for example.
    3 weeks 6 days ago
  3. Flops's avatar


    I thought this was a very fun film. Nice action and cool characters. Had some stuff for the hardcore fans, but also could easily be enjoyed by newbies to Star Wars. 3 weeks 5 days ago
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