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120 min.
Paul Feig
Action, Crime, Comedy
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4.4% (1:23)
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  1. DerekFME's avatar


    I was fearful of this movie from seeing the trailer. I had a feeling I was letting myself in for a paul blart style disaster but yet I laughed myself to pieces in it. Admittedly we kind of had to get to Statham's first appearance before that happened but from then on it was wonderful.

    Far more intelligent and witty than the trailer might have you believe and yes McCarthy does a reasonably good performance (some excellent snappy dialogue delivery). Statham does a marvelous job of sending himself up and Miranda Hart plays the somewhat neurotic character very well.

    It also does a good job of showing how people can defy your expectations of them based on their outward appearance. Also does a good job of showing up the male ego for what it often is.

    It's not without flaws however as it is about 20 minutes too long; it would have been that bit snappier had it been shorter. The humour does occasionally get a bit too lowest common denominator and you have to have a high tolerance for swearing as almost every line of dialogue features it. 50 cent's cameo is pretty awful and Serafinowiz's character seems to serve no purpose (and is possibly offensive to Italians)

    Overall though I absolutely loved it.
    8 years 12 months ago
  2. rabsi1's avatar


    Quite funny. The second half is way better than the first. Not especially memorable though. You should laugh enough.

    9 years ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    Before SPECTRE comes out, everyone wants to put their spy movie out, several of them spoofs. Why I wouldn't call the generically-titled Melissa McCarthy entry in the superspy genre a "spoof" exactly, it IS a comedy, and a damn funny one at that. It's the story of a brilliant CIA agent who has been wasting her potential in the "basement" partnering with Bond-like Jude Law from a computer console, until the active agents' identities are blown and she's put in the field. While trailers made this look like Paula Blart, it really isn't. McCarthy's character is somewhat clumsy and doesn't have the superspy's traditional "look", but she is extremely competent. So expect a coherent (hey, many of the Bonds can't claim that) and action-packed spy story in addition to jokes both cheap and clever. Jason Statham almost steals the show as a hard-nosed agent in love with his own outrageous reputation. It's like he's lived through all his other movies and then some! Huge, huge fun, entertaining right through the credits. You'll want to stay in your seat 'til the end to get the full story. 8 years 11 months ago
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