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I would like to buy this film, not Star Wars Trilogy!
13 years ago
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Decades (1905 - 2015) – Physical Media

1925: Image Entertainment DVD

Eisenstein shows off not only phenomenal editing, but also stunning cinematography. Strike is fast paced, poetic, heart-wrenching, and at times surprisingly funny. The scenes of the fat cat businessmen literally wiping up trash with the workers’ demand letter and crushing lemons as the strikers are crushed by cavalry, exhibit truly larger than life imagery.

Media Review:

Decent enough transfer on this home video release. This DVD comes with a commentary by Yuri Tsivian, a professor of Soviet Cinema, which is pretty dry and middling, but informative. The film is better served with a rousing soundtrack rather than the beat-by-beat narration.
1 month ago
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animal cruelty
4 months ago
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Eduardo Nasi

8 years ago
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Good old propaganda movie. Same tactics used today but more refined: like just move the jobs to an impoverished country.
8 years 2 months ago
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Soundtrack is great tough..
12 years 5 months ago
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13 years 10 months ago
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Better than Potemkin.
14 years 10 months ago
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Dan Bull

I also preferred this to Potemkin - it just seemed more raw and less staged than some of the set pieces in Potemkin. Some of the visual effects and metaphors used were fantastic and surprised me even as a viewer in 2013 expecting this film to be just a historical relic.
11 years ago
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not as good as Battleship potemkin.....but good no doubt.
13 years 3 months ago
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Highly expressive soviet propaganda film with some stunning visuals. First half is especially impressive while the last half drags on a bit.
13 years ago
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