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132 min.
Robert Wise
Adventure, Sci-Fi, Mystery
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2.5% (1:40)
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  1. Earring72's avatar


    Terrific special effects, but boring and slow moving movie. Enjoyed the sequels much more than the first movie. 6 years 4 months ago
  2. Zeltaebar's avatar


    Some movies age like fine wine. This movie age like milk. The movie is an inexplicably expensive trek through the stars, which feels like a long and tedious episode of the show, starring most of the old cast moving through a paper-thin plot at a sluggish pace. It seems like the entire first act of this movie is constructed so that people familiar with the old tv-series can sit back and appreciate how nice it is that the old crew is getting back together again. The effects are unimpressive, but we linger on them for most of the movie. The crew has nothing to do except reacting to the effects with awe and wonder. I have rarely seen a movie with so little to offer with such a budget. The original show was about ideas and how the crew of the Enterprise interacted and dealt with those ideas. We are not even introduced to the idea in this movie until the very end and then we are served a concept and resolution so preposterous, silly and, quite frankly, stupid that it's almost so bad that it is good. 4 years 3 months ago
  3. DisneyStitch's avatar


    It starts off a fairly promising movie incarnation of the TV show with all the familiar characters (albeit in totally generic costumes). From there the whole film goes downhill. Only the hardest of the hardcore Trekkies will be able to watch this movie and give it a positive review. The film plods along at a pace that makes a snail look like an F1 racecar and features what seems like hours of the characters watching the ship's viewscreen and reacting in horror or surprise. Even the character of Captain Kirk gets no time to do anything with his character and the picture portrays him as an old washed up naval officer. Luckily the Wrath of Khan projected the series into warp speed and effectively saved the franchise. 4 years 7 months ago
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