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Unarguably the best of the prequels
14 years 6 months ago
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There's enough CGI here to literally fry your brain and due to the sheer over-saturation of it I can never take the environments very seriously. None of the clones are even real, no actual armor, nothing, not even the ones standing one foot from Yoda in a close-up shot. It's just super lazy filmmaking and really brings down the quality.

Continuing a trend started in AOTC the screen chemistry between Anakin and Padme doesn't exist and I think so much of the failed energy comes from the script. It feels... very much like soap opera quality. So much of it is downright cringe worthy. There are so many lines of dialogue where I find myself covering my eyes and smirking.

Interesting on the choice of pacing in this film. After the opening battle above Coruscant the entire film is almost a series of clips separated by one of those scene transitions that is classic of Star Wars. It doesn't allow for a whole lot of development. There's one minute of Anakin and Padme, then we focus a little on Obi-Wan, then back to the couple again for a few more bits of dialogue. I think part of why ROTS suffers so greatly in the minds of fans is that there is just so much crammed into it and the character development doesn't build up correctly to events that affect the rest of the Star Wars universe so it all just feels rushed and underdeveloped. Supposedly the uncut movie was 4 hours long and to be brutally honest I want to see it. I think it would be vastly superior to the theatrical version and give the right amount of time needed to develop the plot and characters.

On a side note, if you are a little bummed out that the Clone Wars start at the end of AOTC and end about halfway into this movie then check out the Clone Wars TV series. Not only does it add a ton of storyline to help understand the films but it also does a beautiful job of highlighting Anakin's descent to the dark side. I can't recommend it enough. I mean you can't help but think that characters like Grevious were desperately in need of more screen time.
6 years 7 months ago
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I agree that this is the best of the prequel trilogy. I still found a lot of annoying stuff in it, though. I mean can the Jedi learn to keep their lightsabers in their hands?
On the other hand, I particularly enjoyed the silent scene, "the calm before the storm", or something like that.
Half a minute of art in a 6-hour trilogy... What a waste!
8 years 4 months ago
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6 out of 10. Ian McGregor shines, but even his performance can't justify this movie.spoiler
9 years 2 months ago
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I enjoyed this one, mostly because of nostalgia. I hope that George Lucas has been working on writing love scenes that have actual passion. Several of the actors seem wooden and deliver their lines with boredom.
12 years 8 months ago
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People have said this is the 2nd best of all 6 Star Wars films. I don't agree at all. Not even best of the new 3. Once again, it's overdone to the point of making me not care. How is the final duel ever going to resonate when it's the 5th or 6th I've seen in the movie? And Christensen still isn't selling it. Oh, they're all well done as far as stunts, effects and most acting, but the direction, choices and writing are ineffective.
6 years 8 months ago
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This film has been added to the Oscar and Razzie Nominated Films List
10 years 7 months ago
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A deeply flawed movie that manages to still be decent in spite of itself.

Its biggest problem is that it rushes through what should have been a whole trilogy's worth of plot development. Still, the soundtrack is spectacular, McDarmid does a great job, and it has its moments.
5 years 4 months ago
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Best one of the prequel trilogy!
10 years 9 months ago
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[7/10] The epic conclusion to the Star Wars' saga might not be the best in film-making but, it certainly tells the story of a tragic hero who is destined for redemption in a most ethical manner.

The final installment of the Star Wars saga not only succeeds in amazing visuals but, also saves the entire lore from going down the drain. [7/10]
11 years 7 months ago
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Upon rewatching, I would say this is the best of the prequels. Long live McGregor!
12 years 7 months ago
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Many people hate this movie, but I think it's actually very good. Definitely worth watching.
12 years 8 months ago
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Duke of Omnium

Best of the prequels, perhaps, but that's like trying to say which type of venereal disease is the least disgusting.
13 years 7 months ago
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The best of the prequels for sure. But not even near the level of any movie from original trilogy. This part has too many CGI, too many fight and battle scenes and not enough plot.
13 years 11 months ago
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This was my least favorite of the prequels because it depends on drama that would only be effective if there were stakes. These stakes aren't there because we as an audience already know their conclusion from episodes 4-6.

At least The Phantom Menace was dumb and fun. The other two try and give the prequels a gravity that they don't come close to earning.
4 years 6 months ago

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