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123 min.
David Ayer
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
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2.0% (1:49)
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  1. SpacedJ's avatar


    There's a lot wrong with it, but the real reason it wasn't good was that they didn't take any advantage of their unique selling point - the main guys are bad guys. As it is, you can swap out any of the Suicide Squad with generic hero number five and get the same result: hero with superpower fights hordes of faceless alien robot things and saves the day.

    Heroes are limited by their own personal morality, and bad guys aren't. That means bad guys can do things that heroes can't. We needed to see that movie.

    Imagine if instead of faceless alien henchmen, we had the Suicide Squad fighting real people. Terrorists, a private army, a collection of nasty people who do nasty things, whatever. And instead of going through the motions of killing or subduing them like any other hero would, lets take advantage of the fact that our guys are sadistic bastards.

    What if Killer Croc bites a guys head off. Blood sprays everywhere, gets in drunk Captain Boomerang's eyes and he starts flailing around blindly, killing some goons and accidentally chopping off Rick Flag's hand. Rick Flag tries to blow him up with his phone death app, but pushes the wrong button and Slipknot explodes instead. Meanwhile, pinned down without his guns, Deadshot grabs the severed head of the guy Croc ate and beats three bad guys to death with it. Then Harley Quinn picks up the pulverized head, gives it a name and carries it around asking it trivial pursuit questions.

    Opportunity wasted.
    2 years ago
  2. Tiago Costa's avatar

    Tiago Costa

    The sexual tension between me and the theater exit door during this. 1 year 12 months ago
  3. perfectoverflow's avatar


    The screenwriter probably should never work again and spare us all another terribly written movie. 2 years ago
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