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154 min.
Bryan Singer
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
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0.7% (1:139)
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  1. jktomas's avatar


    I think it's pretty good. There are many little clever awesome moments scattered all over the film. Now come on, the piano playing thug with a clown tattoo on his head is something you don't forget. :)
    Lois is a real bitch though, but it was fun hating her. I understand why she's so pissed at Superman, but why does she ignore Clark Kent like that? Just let this poor guy finish a single sentence or something.
    I'm a little sad it has such a bad reputation, but I kind of see where the haters are coming from. Still, the acting is good, so is the cinematography, the plot is alright as well. Fun times. I certainly don't regret watching it. As a non-fan of Superman I enjoyed alright and would recommend to other non-fans.
    7 years ago
  2. CrazyMcLazy's avatar


    It's funny, with this movie the critics mostly liked it but fans absolutely seemed to loathe it. Non-fans seem indifferent. I personally love Superman and Superman II. I thought this was an ok film. I certainly didn't hate it like most. I felt there was something missing. I also couldn't shake the feeling that Routh was doing his best Christopher Reeve impression instead of making the character his own. 8 years ago
  3. danisanna's avatar


    I suppose I'm one of those few Superman fans that actually liked this. I'm a sucker for a broody, moody and guilt-ridden Superman. Brandon Routh bears a striking resemblance to Christopher Reeve. He's quite beautiful and can hold his own. Although, I do agree with one comment that said he tries to be too much like Christopher Reeve instead of creating his own version of Superman. He's a bit flat but I suppose to adds to the darker side of Superman.
    Lastly, I ADORED the little hints to the original Superman. Those really made me smile.
    Also, I don't think Kal Penn has said anything in the entire movie.
    I think this movie is being judged too hard. It doesn't compare to the iconic Christopher Reeve, but nothing can. This is a solid good try to reinvent a franchise. I liked it.
    3 years 1 month ago
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