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I don't presume or care to know what Harmony Korine's intention was in making this film as trying to get in Korine's head is basically a waste of time. That being said, I really enjoyed The Beach Bum.

The movie can be read as one reaction to nihilism. That recognizing the absurdity of existence can result in people that are broken and lost or possibly hedonic and life affirming. All of the tragedy that befalls the main character are of his own making and it would be right if he followed the typical redemptive story arc of Hollywood movies. But this character doesn't need self reflection and redemption. He already knows that he's made a mess of things and his options are to either continue to enjoy his life, knowing that it's limited, or to succumb to the process of redemption which is all consuming.

The tension in the Beach Bum comes from the expectation of the redemptive story arc, and the titular bum's rejection of that at every turn. He's not a hero in the Joseph Campbell sense, but more of an Absurd Man in the sense of Albert Camus.
3 years ago
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So few checks and comments, weird.
3 years ago
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I like the idea of a Harmony Korine movie more than I like actual Harmony Korine movies.
3 years ago
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True human being
3 years ago
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odd movie, but that's to be expected from Harmony Korine — largely lacking a conventional story arc, but a fun journey nonetheless, and a mostly-likeable cast of characters with varying degrees of moral grey area.
my only real complaints are that A) the soundtrack is somehow equal parts odd and boring, B) jonah hill's accent is atrocious ... and C) the title of the film genuinely almost put me off of watching it.
9 months ago
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White people's problems
2 years 7 months ago
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The Dude 'Duderino' Lebowski meets The Wolf of Wall Street meets 'Brice de Nice'? What?

Numerous fake tits, pseudo-poetic interjections, a lackluster toyboy Snoop, stoned drag McConaughey, heaps of money and self-referential limp-dick jokes. If there's anything to learn from this movie, it might be this quote by Nietzsche:

Poets are shameless with their experiences: they exploit them.

As in, "Beach Bum" is the rich fuckboy's pretentious and shameless hunt for the "poor experience". The flick is nihilistic hedonism at its worst. The way the "go low to get high" mentality is shown is insulting, soulless crap and there's no substance at all. No character growth, no redemption, no ideas, no REAL experience, no poetry. Just a doped out of his mind fuckboy who basically kills his own wife and laughs a very hollow laugh throughout the film. I truly hope that there's some intended meta that I imagine it could have, because otherwise Hollywood is doing some crazy Chaos Magick type shit again. Or they have some money to burn...hmm...

Absolute crap. Time ill-spent. A wasted experience.
3 years ago
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