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102 min.
Julius Onah
Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
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1.8% (1:57)
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  1. Norf's avatar


    Suffers from the same problems as the TV show Lost. Just keep showing wierd and strange stuff and never explain anything.

    I kept thinking of Event Horizon. I didn't have the same problem with that film because the events happening in that film make sense in the universe that the story was taking place. In Cloverfield we don't know the rules and nothing seems to be addressed.
    3 years ago
  2. TL's avatar


    Abhorrent, ridiculous and disastrous. Go and (re)watch Alien or The Thing instead, and restore faith in the art of cinema and science fiction horror. 3 years ago
  3. ntan's avatar


    Man I'm really conflicted about this movie. TBH it might be the only movie I've ever watched that I've loved and hated. I loved watching it but there's a lot of things I hate about it.

    - Chris O'Dowd's lines were really unfunny and his character was annoying
    - There's a lot of moments that don't follow a classic rule of screenwriting: "If you give a character a gun, he has to fire it at some point". One example of this was spoiler.
    - Which is better? Seeing Vader and Luke fight and having Vader say he is his father? Or Luke bringing it up in a conversation with Han that Vader is his father? There were so many exposition-heavy moments where we could have just seen the thing happen instead of having it explained to us.
    - Related to the last point, the thing that angered me most was not utilizing this amazing concept they set up. spoiler It's good to deceive the audience but not leave them in the dark.
    - A lot of really dumb decisions by characters. Particularly the one where spoiler.
    - I'm all for intelligent sci-fi but the story needed to be clearer. It didn't answer any questions about this universe and muddled the timeline immensely.
    - I feel like they had good footage but the editing was so messy and all over the place. It was so rushed.

    But I really liked the score which people are criticizing, and I loved the premise. But the ending is also problematic. I haven't quite figured it out.
    3 years ago
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