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154 min.
Steven Spielberg
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4.8% (1:21)
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  1. Reira-chan's avatar


    This movie is not for everyone but this is a story you should see and not ignore. It's a story about a girl turned woman who has been beaten down all her life. In those times (beginning of 20th century) women had no say and were treated worse than dogs because men had been considered the better sex for as long as civilization has existed, so I imagine some might feel 'attacked' by this movie. This is a brave movie for its time and it's still current today in 2016 and will remain in all upcoming days. This is a reality in which many people had to live. Period. And if you say this movie is hating on men then you're completely missing the point. Go educate yourself. 7 years ago
  2. dthemenace's avatar


    Though it was maybe a little too long, I liked it much more than I thought I would. Rather sad as well. 11 years 10 months ago
  3. Asiklassi's avatar


    Spielberg's genius as filmmaker is arguably most powerful when he takes on such a delicate subject as The Color Purple. The subject is quite intense and horrifying yet Spielberg somehow finds a way to make every single scene in this picture beautiful and loving. Just like he does in Schindler's list, Spielberg takes the audience on a journey to the darkest caves of human nature and draws them back when they are about to loose their faith in themselves and say 'look, it's not all awful'. He does this with such an effort that the audience almost forgets all the bad things in the world and get dazzled in the beauty. This technic of his could possibly be called one of the leading draw backs of the film but I differ. The story of the mistreated women is so heartbreaking that if there hadn't been these so called "slapstick humour" as one put it the movie would simply not be viewable to most audience (at least if you can't stomach Casper Noe films and etc.). This is one of the strongest films in Spielberg's colourful career. 10 years 11 months ago
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