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Delightful comedy that leaves you smiling from beginning to end.
4 years 9 months ago
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Cristina Oliveira

I don't even remember what motivated me to pick this movie, but it was an incredibly delightful surprise. Just reading the synopsis you don't think much of it, but the script is fabulous, the characters absolutely adorable and the actors just amazing. Now you top all that with a first class sountrack and you got yourself a must-see movie.
14 years ago
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This movie is a good laugh and leaves you feeling satisfied after. You've got to watch it.
6 years 7 months ago
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The Big Monty is a film still relevant today, as it touches on the hardships of the blue collar worker suffering during a recession. Our heroes are out of work steel workers who decide to earn a quick buck by giving a Chippendale show in which they do the professionals one better and go "the full Monty", i.e. completely naked. Of course, these are unlikely sex gods, and while that's played for laughs, it also provides a lot of pathos. Over the course of their adventure, they will benefit from a sensitive camaraderie that belies their "hard man" professions, and find ways to reconnect with their wives, children and community. Whether funny or sad, it doesn't achieve those states quite the way you think it will, though certainly, the gauche dance numbers will amuse and the central father-son relationship will tug at the heart strings. The Full Monty is a pleasant anthem for the common man that manages to grasp something beyond its more obvious premise.
7 years 7 months ago
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Some scenes really had me in stitches and comedies rarely work for me. Wonderful feel-good movie.
11 years 3 months ago
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Pretty fun to watch.
12 years 7 months ago
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Bloody infectious British comedy! Better than expected.
2 years ago
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Feel good movie!
10 years ago
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