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Don't know anything about the original. I thought this was pretty good movie overall, but the last ten minutes just completely threw everything off. Had a nice little twist to it, you knew something was off the whole time. But then they completely changed gears and threw that unnecessary ending on there. Still worth a watch and Gyllenhaal shows amazing acting skills as always.
9 months ago
MrDoog's avatar


A pointless exercise. Just watch the superior original
9 months 1 week ago
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Go watch Den Skyldige (2018).
This is an extremely lazy remake.
9 months ago
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Found it really gripping and tense with a great Jake Gyllehaal.

Need to watch the original as everybody is telling.......but I liked this one as wel.
9 months ago
252's avatar


I can't speak on the original version, since I haven't seen it yet. I found this to be a great movie.
9 months ago
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Movie was good and worth watching.
Unfortunately, saw the original a year ago. Felt like watching on repeat.
I'm more in favor of original. Gyllenhaal was overplaying, therefore less authentic.
But not sure how situation would be if I watched it in backward order.
4 months 1 week ago
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