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    Impeccable and deceptively simple film making from Martin Scorsese in The Irishman ensures that despite its length, the film is never tedious (except perhaps in the epilogue) and if each scene isn't strictly necessary to the plot, it does help inform the three main characters played by Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino (this is his FIRST collaboration with Scorsese, do I have that right?!) and their relationships. And make no mistake, this is portrait more than narrative, and an actor's showcase more than it is a director's (again, that's because it's deceptively simple). As a disputed version of what happened to union leader Jimmy Hoffa through the eyes of his friend, mobbed up Frank Sheeran, it's engrossing, but only really because of those performances, and the texture we get from them through the novelistic approach. A few words on the "CG as make-up" used to track the characters through various ages in this. While I thought young DeNiro looked a little strange (but not in the way these things usually do, because I thought it MIGHT be make-up), generally the aging was pretty amazing. I had to look at pictures of Pesci afterwards to find out how old he actually looked. In other words, it's pretty seamless. Because all gangster films are kind of the same to me, and these particular guys are certainly not on their first go, I was not as wowed as some, I admit, but I do respect the film more than I love it.
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    "Sometimes youve got to go through hell to get to heaven!"
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