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112 min.
John G. Avildsen
Action, Drama, Family, Sport
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0.9% (1:115)
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  1. Oneironaut's avatar


    The first two movies were great and showed the progress of the lead character and gave a very satisfying conclusion in the second movie.

    This one ruined everything that was good about the series, unfortunately. Daniel is whiney, weak, chubbier and is downright dislikable.

    It's annoying how this doesn't live up to the others, and like some of my other favourite series', I ignore the third movie completely.
    8 years 8 months ago
  2. Zeltaebar's avatar


    I thought it was OK. Certainly a step down from the first one, and the overall quality is lower than the second. That being said, I kind of appreciated it on the same level as the second movie in terms of entertainment value, which, too me, watching these kind of movies is all about. The third installment in the series have a decent story. There is a revenge motif for the villains, there is deception and trickery involved and I thought it was nice to see Mr. Miyagi and Daniel starting a business together, but the real thing that made this movie satisfying for me was the ridiculus, over the top acting by Thomas Ian Griffith as the villain, Terry Silver. It's not a subtle performance, but a very entertaining one, if you don't take the movie too seriously. I understand Oneironaut's comment about Daniel being whiney, weak and dislikable (didn't think chubby, though), but I think there is enough regret and redemption in his performance to forgive him his faults. I give this movie a pass, and recommend it to anyone who liked the two first movies and that doesn't mind this being a bit high on the cheese factor. 8 years 1 month ago
  3. nick-samuel's avatar


    I still maintain that the little punk brought a lot of the "bullying" on himself in the first one, so can't really get behind him in subsequent films :) 6 years 7 months ago
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