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The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part
107 min.
Mike Mitchell
Action, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family, Musical
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2.8% (1:35)
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  1. PaleoSteno's avatar


    I just have one thing to say:
    1 year 8 months ago
  2. Shazaaaam's avatar


    Pros: Some great gags, as you'd expect from Lord&Miller, and great visual imagination. Elizabeth Banks' comic timing is masterful as always. Good pace till about the third act.

    Cons: The human scenes don't work nearly as well this time, and the third act plot twists are just bizarre/nonsensical--the story can't really support the allegory. Has the usual comedy-sequel problem of not knowing what to do with one-gag characters from the first movie (Benny, Metalbeard) except repeat the same schticks.

    6 / 10.
    1 year 8 months ago
  3. KuroSawWhat's avatar


    There are many moments in Lego 2 which have a "pause for laugh" moment inserted which were not filled in my showing. There are many gags throughout the film which simply don't pay off like they did in the first film, and it meanders quite a bit without seeming to have an end destination in mind.

    Every character spouts their signature bits as you would expect them to do so, and that's kind of the summary of the problem: You expect it all. There was no moment that caught me by surprise or took things in a direction which I had not imagined ahead of time. As an example, the 1960s Astronaut had a clear, simple, and enjoyable arc in the first film: He really wanted to build a spaceship but was continually denied, until finally they let him build a super awesome spaceship and he has the time of his life!! Very enjoyable and a perfect payoff. In Lego 2, he just says "spaceship" whenever it could be logically inserted into the script. .. That's it.

    Even the animation seemed to be putting in a minimal effort. Where the first film seemed like it had something to prove, Lego 2 is just getting the job done. It did not look like a major blockbuster. It looked like a Direct-to-DVD release.

    I did enjoy the last act and where the film ultimately ended, but.. well I'm glad that my ticket was on a discount.
    1 year 7 months ago
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